What I have Done This Year

9:59 PM

I plan to make some lists about everything that I have done this year in my notebook. But, after few minutes thinking. Seems like the paper or the note will disappear because I am-super-careless-person.

Still remember, in the beginning of this year, I made resolutions after visited English Village, Pare. One of them is having someone who can make my heart flutter. *Hul. But until now, it's December 29th 2017, 2 days before new year I'm still single. Don't cry for me. Okay. Okay I'm still alright.

But, think positively. Even I haven't succeeded trap a wealthy handsome guy, I have done so many things this year!

First, I went travel alone. Yeah, it's just went to Kediri East Java by train but I am still proud of me Hehehe. And... I don't know if this is embarrassing to admit. But, that's my first time rode train!! 

Second, I went to Kelud Mountain. Yeah! I mean hiked. With these super caring boyz. I lied to them actually. I told them that I have been hiked before. I don't know why I did that. But, I was pretty sure I wanted to spent my time with them.

I joined Youth Adventure Day 2017. Never imagine before that I would slept with many boys and girls at hall in the middle of forest for over two nights. You can read the full story here.

Become intern at Undip Career Center. This semester, I only applied few courses. So, to kill my spare time, I joined UCC as Administration and Customer Service Intern. Met the young and crazy manager Mbak Indri and learnt how to be good CS and PIC.

Maybe, some of you already know.. In April, (I didn't say those are bad experienced but) I got something to learn. Yeah, I had conflict with my closest friend. My life seemed so blue. I thought I had to live alone so I wouldn't hurt by anyone. But I learnt the best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone.

Last April, Forsa held reorganization to select new leader. And didn't know why, after loooong discussion they chose me as the new leader. Still remember, three years ago, I joined this organization with no expectation for become a leader. But, these past years gave me good things to learn, and suddenly the desire to carry on this organization appeared. Maybe, they gave me a chance.

KKN eh I mean Holiday. 42 days lived with strangers totally turned my mindset. I thought  they were boring people. But, after spent 42 days I realized, strangers could be family for sure. Even after the KKN ended we still gathered around and made pajamas party with the girls.

Joint Tourism Ambassador! Hahahahhaha! LOL! No comment for this section.

In the last month of this year, I got opportunity to joint Public Election Commission.

After the loooong silent. We talked again. As if nothing happened. I learnt the best way to win over my heart is forgive. No more wound. Tried to understand other people emotions. And I find, this is the best way to feel the freedom in my heart.

I know, My 'What-I-Have-Done-Lists' are nothing compare to yours. But, I truly blessed, God guided me through this path. Gave lesson to learn.

And, in the next year. I won't make a lot wishes, hopes, or resolutions. But I promise to myself. To love me more. Not to expect anything from my plan. Because God will guide me to the best paths no matter what.


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