How Did I spend My 21st Birthday...

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Such a new thing for me to go far from my comfort zone, from my daily life, and without telling my parents about my plan. Three weeks ago, I have applied to become surveyor to help my lecture on his research. I had to go to Kebumen during the weekend, and it's actually between 17th until 19th February.

After started the new journey on the beginning of this year, I realise, this is the path that I wanna take. I used to coward to go to a new place, I used to have negative thinking when I met new people for the first time, because my parents always worry about me. And it's makes me become undependable person.

"Don't go there! It's dangerous!"

"You can't do that.."

"Don't go alone."

"I'll accompany you."

My parents never let me go alone.

But after heard that the survey will be held on 17th until 19th February, I chose to join. I thought I will have different birthday not like ordinary birthday with cake, candle and gifts. Become surveyor, I have to interview around 25 people in Mirit. Mirit is a name of district in Kebumen and it's totally different my imagination (I will tell you later!)

I went to Kebumen on17th February and it's my birthday. I didn't open my phone until arrived in Temanggung for took some pictures. Being far away from my close friends and my family, they sent me a long birthday wishes text and upload my dorky pictures on their instagram. Glad to know they still remember me even I am not around.

I got the wrong path on my way to Kebumen but I also got the bonus cause I could see the beauty of Sempor. Fyi, Sempor is accumulating basin between Kebumen and Banjarnegara. You will see the beautiful scenery through pine forest and bound from the water. Such a romantic view! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture or video cause I'm too busy with my natural camera. I mean my eyes. LOL.

Arrived in Kebumen at 11.00 a.m. so I took a pray dhuhur first and waited for my male friend to took a pray Jumat. After that, I went to Wajasari to found the respondent. It's actually very... very... hard for me to got permission to interview them cause the people were busy with their own activity. Yah, I can say that the district was modest enough, the majority of people works as a farmer. That's way they were busy to put to the sun their puddy. I even have been rejected by three people when I first arrived in Wajasari. But.... fortunately I met a nice housewife who help me. It's good opportunity, beside become surveyor I also help the people to putting to the sun their paddy while interviewing them. LOL.

After finished the interview in Wajasari I continued to Mirit, but it's afternoon and the people in Mirit have closed their door. I didn't know why, I think that's because their culture and the condition in Mirit is not far from Wajasari, it's modest enough. I almost gave up... I almost cried... It's dark and I am alone.

maghrib in Mirit

Suddenly, my phone rang, and it's a call from my Dad so I answered it.

"Assalamualaikum, Haloooo Mbak Mitaaa...." He greeted me.

"Walaikumsalam halo halo haiii...."

"How do you do?"

"How do you do.."

"What are you doing now? Why are you so pretty?" After comeback from Pare, my dad always try to speak english even he just ask me the same question all the time like how do you do and why are you so pretty. Hmm. LOL

"Yeah! Because I am your daughter that's way I am pretty!" 

"Hey, did you remember? Today is your birthday! Happy birthday Mbak Mitaaa, keep being the best daughter in the world, stay healthy, and by the way I am waiting for the treat!" I almost cried at that time when I heard my father's wishes.

"OMG.... yaaahhh.. why you ask for the treat? You should give me the birthday gift first Dad!"


"Where is my birthday gift??????"

"By the way, where are you? Why it's so dark there?"

"I am in Kebumen now hahaha"

"MASYA ALLAH... How did you get there?"

"By motorcycle.."


"KEBUMEN IS FAR YOU KNOW..." My mother joined the conversation with her shock expression, and I just................. smiled.

"I will be okay, mom.. dad.."

I just remembered that I haven't eaten all day along, so I bought a fried chicken in the market near the district. And.... it's... so cheap!!! Just 2.500 rupiahs!! And I also bought "nasi rames" in inn and had a chit chat with the seller. I asked her about the route if I wanna go to Banjarnegara, but she told me it's dangerous because it's already 07.30 p.m. She recommended me to stay in lodging until tomorrow. So, after discussed with my friend, we chose to stay in lodging and yeah fortunately the seller's husband sent us to the lodging. I got the cheap room after bargained with the hotel's custodian hehehe.

And the following day, I prepared earlier and went to Mirit to finish the survey. Go go go... Fighting!!!!

unique door in Mirit
In my opinion, become surveyor is such a fun job cause we could meet so many people with their different culture, opinion, experience and we could have chit chat with them. Have a chit chat with stranger is a same as we read a book. We could know about different things and different sides from our daily life. I still remember when I interviewed a family in Mirit, they greeted me with their smiles eventhough they were busy but they gave me a time for interview. The wife also made a cup of tea for me while the husband talked about their daughter who study in Jogja... Ahhh.. and it's made me missed my family in Rembang. So sad i couldn't spend my birthday with them.

warm greeting from stranger
So... After finished the survey My friend and I chose to explore Kebumen. Yap! we went to hill, Hud Hill near Karang Bolong Beach. Fyi, the road made my heart trembled cause we had to go up until the top. After parked the motorcycle we still had to walked to the top. But the scenery was.... hm.... Subhanallah... You can see the beauty of Karang Bolong Beach from the top, it's same as the scenery in Ulu Watu Bali. You have to go there if you visit Kebumen! It's a must!

view from the Hud Hill
got new friends, and of course new followers on IG LOL 

Fortunately I met Mr. Abah (Oh My God I forget his name) who guided me. He was very kind, he helped me to take a pictures.. So many pictureeess LOL. Mr Abah also gave me a ride when I down from hill. He also helped My friend and I and gave the route to go to Banjarnegara. So glad to met him, a very kind stranger.

WAIT.. I am not ready yet!
Mr Abah helped me to pose
boo yah! Looking good, right?
So, this is the end of the story. All I can say is awesome! This is the new me. Even 2017 just two months elapsed but I am become stronger than before (Yeah I know it's too overloads. LOL)

See ya! I am still waiting for the next journey. Guess where will I go?

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